Case Study - Thomas More Square

Customer: Thomas More Square/Chiller Manufacturer and Consultant

Project: Thomas More Square (London)

Duration: 14 Months Hire Period

Thomas More Square case studyThomas More Square case study


Customer Requirement:

An essential requirement for cooling was needed by a major chiller manufacturer and a consultant for a large high profile office block in London. There were two chillers in the building, one beyond repair and the other barely running with an engineer constantly on-site maintaining them. The ambient temperatures were getting hotter, a solution was needed and it was needed quickly.

Carrier Rental Systems Solution:

Thomas More Square case study

The requirements of the building were assessed; Carrier Rental System�s solution was to provide 2 x 1200kW air cooled chillers which would give run and standby operation. The benefit of this would give the customer 2 circuits and 2 semi hermetic screw compressors per machine; giving the ability to manage variable loads with minimum power input at part load. After looking at possible positions for the chillers the only location was to build a scaffold platform over the shrubbery and place the chillers on it. Therefore, help was enlisted in the form of a crane company who lifted the chillers over the trees and positioned all of the equipment.

Once the chiller was in place, purpose made 6� flanges, flow and return hoses were assembled and connected into the customer�s chilled water system with the help of a pipe fitting company to make the final pipe work modifications. The customer only had 15kv power on-site so we supplied a transformer to reduce down to 400 volt, with a HV specialist on-site to test and commission.

  • Equipment List � 2 x 1200kW Chillers/1 x 15kv Transformer/Cables and 6� Flanged Hose.
  • Benefits to Customer � The customer was able to provide its tenants with a comfortable working environment.
  • Outcome � Carrier Rental Systems offered a solution, delivered, implemented and had a system up and running within 36 hours of receiving an order.

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